Tips for storing kitchen knives

SimplySmartDinnerPlans subscriber Anne W., asks:

knife-drawer“I (finally) bought some decent kitchen knives and I’m wondering how best to store them. I’ve heard that I shouldn’t keep them in a drawer, but my counter and cabinet-space is very limited.Any ideas?

Thanks, Chef Perry…I’m loving the diabetic meal plan!” – Anne

Thanks Anne, glad you’re enjoying your meal plans, and congrats on your new knives!

Now, to your question…

Nothing gives me the heebiddy-jeebies quicker than seeing a bunch of knives thrown haphazardly into a kitchen drawer.

USE_MagneticKnifeRack_92753_web2Your knives should be in a block, or (preferably) hanging on a magnetic rack.

However, I also understand that for some folks those options just aren’t feasible.

If you must store knives in a drawer, make sure they’re protected from other utensils, and the blades are covered to keep them safe from dulling and nicks.

Commercially made knife covers can range in price from a few bucks to ridiculous (check our Amazon store for the ones I use…they’re cheap, lol).

Most professional knife sharpening stores will send your knives home with temporary covers (pictured center, below), or sell you a few for under a buck.

Knife Covers

For the super-cheap…er…do-it-yourselfer’s out there, you can make perfectly acceptable blade protectors from heavy paper or cardboard paper-towel tubes, folded over the blade, and taped.

The tubes tend to be a little wider than most knives, so either cut them to fit the blade, or use a rubber-band to hold them in place (see picture.)

Taking good care of your knives is not only an important safety issue, but it can also mean the difference between good cooking and great cooking!

Cook Great!

-Chef Perry

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