Thanksgiving Breakfast: Sausage Roll-Ups

Johnsonville Sausage Roll Ups

Whipped up these super simple “Easy Sausage Roll-Ups” from Johnsonville this morning…BIG hit! I’ll definitely me making  a batch of these for breakfast, Thanksgiving Morning!

Here’s a quick, sweet & savory dipping sauce I made to go with them:

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Thanksgiving Dipping Sauce
1 can jellied cranberry sauce
1 Tbs. soy sauce
2 Tbs. Better Than Bouillon Ham base
1 Tsp. fresh ground black pepper
2 Tbs. (to taste) garlic chili sauce
1 Tbs. toasted sesame seeds (opt)

Add all ingredients to a small pot over medium-low heat and still until combined and warm (or microwave 1 minute, stir and repeat, until combined and warm.)

Serve alongside sausage roll ups at breakfast, and save the extra for turkey dippin’ at the big dinner!


Chef Perry


Making your own sausages at home

Hey everyone,

I’m a big fan of grilled sausage. Everything from beer brats, to chorizo, to chicken-apple links, to spicy Italian with fresh herbs. I love ’em all!

What I don’t love so much is not knowing exactly what’s going into my sausages, or under what conditions they were processed. Add to that my love for kitchen gadgets, and experimentation, and it’s pretty obvious why I would enjoy making my own sausages so much. Like more heat? You can do that! Think store-bought sausages are too salty? You can change that! Wonder what it would taste like to mix it up with chicken and Thai fish-sauce…give it a try! (Then let me know!)

If you have a Kitchen-Aid, and you haven’t picked up the meat-grinder and sausage attachment yet, you really want to.  It’s a lot of fun!

Here’s a great video I found on YouTube that shows how easy it really is, and, as always, we’re here to answer any questions!

-Chef Perry