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Okay, so we’ve always said that hautemealz.com is ideal for busy folks who don’t have time to plan and organize healthy dinners each night of the week.

But…what about folks who just want to learn how to cook nutritious, delicious meals, but don’t want to commit the time and budget to culinary school, or out-of-the-home cooking classes.

Is hautemealz.com a menu plan, or an ongoing cooking class?

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Grocery Home Delivery

Here at hautemealz.com, our favorite thing is to test new recipes, plan weekly menus, and assemble aisle-by-aisle shopping lists for you. Heck, we do pretty much everything but the shopping and cooking!

So…how about if we help you with that pesky grocery shopping, too?

For the past month or so, we’ve been testing some “grocery home delivery” options, and it looks like the best balance we’ve found between cost, food quality, and ease of use is Safeway.com. (Note: we are not affiliated or in any type of partnership with Safeway or any store, and we tested these services without any discounts or incentives that are not available to any other user of these services.)

We were a little skeptical at first, but we found that between the time and fuel savings, and the lesser temptation to “impulse buy”, the cost was pretty comparable with our regular trips to our local Winco. Impulse buying, by the way, doesn’t just mean Twinkies and Cheeze Doodles…that 6lb pork roast that was on a great sale, but wasn’t part of your menu plan (and then sits in the freezer for three months) is also an impulse buy, as it’s not part of your budgeted, pre-planned shopping.

It’s not hard to walk out of a well-stocked grocery store with a $20, $40, even $60 in unplanned “too-good-to-pass-up” deals…trust me, I know!

(Oh, and if, like me, you tend to get twitchy in crowded places…well, you can decide what that’s worth to you, as well, lol!)

One thing that we like about this particular service is the “Express List” feature. Instead of manually entering each ingredient on your shopping list, you can “copy and paste” a single column list directly into the Express List window, and the software will bring up each item in order, so you can choose the brand and/or quantity you want!

“But wait!” You say, “My hautemealz.com grocery list doesn’t come in a single column!”

No worries! From now on, you’re going to notice another page immediately following your regular grocery list. This page will be a single column list of the ingredients you’ll need to order that week, that you can…wait for it…cut and paste into the “Express List” window!

Once you’ve done that, you can use the standard hautemealz.com grocery list as a reference for entering the quantities you need to order.

If you don’t have an account already, you can search your zip-code, and create an account at this link. (If Safeway doesn’t deliver to your area, check out the list of alternative vendors at the bottom of this post.) 

Don’t worry about memorizing these instructions, the beginning of each Express List will include the following:

Safeway.com Express List

Once you have set up an online account:

  1. http://www.safeway.com
  2. Grocery Delivery
  3. Click on the “Express List” Tab
  4. Paste this list into the box
  5. Click “Save and Find”
  6. Select your quantities.

Here are some additional notes that we pulled from the Safeway Delivery page:

A $49.00 minimum purchase amount is required on your final receipt to process and deliver your order.

Fees range from $3.95 to $12.95 depending on time slot (1-Hour, 2-Hour, or 4-Hour delivery windows) and order size (>$150 or <$150) as detailed below.

There are three main ways to shop at Safeway.com:

1) Shop by Aisle: You can browse our entire online store through the virtual “aisles”, which are organized similar to the aisles in your local store.

2) Shopping History: All the items that you have purchased using your Club Card, whether in-store or online are saved in your Shopping History. You can easily add the items that you want from your Shopping History to your cart.

3) Express List: Enter the names of the products that you want to buy into the express shopping list. Our search feature will find the best matching products for you.

You can indicate product specifications (such as “green bananas”, “firm tomatoes”, “thick cut deli meat” etc.) using the “Request to your Personal Shopper” feature. We will make every possible effort to meet your expectation.

The site states, “Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. If you are not completely satisfied with a product you have purchased, we will refund or credit its full value.”

Home delivery is typically free with your first order, and there’s often a “free delivery” offer for the purchase of specific grocery items.

As always, if you have any questions, just let us know, and we’ll do our best to track down an answer for you!

– Perry

PS – If you don’t live in a Safeway.com delivery area…or you just want to shop around, here’s a list of grocery delivery services that cover additional cities and states:

AcmeMarkets.com – Delivers to areas of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Also offers pick-up at their facilities.

Albertsons.com – Currently only offers delivery in eight areas, with home delivery for $9.95 or the option to shop online and then pick-up at a store for $4.95.

Amazon Fresh – For those of you in the Seattle-area, Amazon will delivery a full-range of groceries, including bakery items, frozen goods and more.

BigAppleGrocer.net – Delivers groceries to Manhattan and Hudson county, New Jersey.

BlueRibbonFoods.com – Delivers by truck to the southeast United States, specializing in beef, pork, seafood and more.

Citarella.com – Well-known seller of gourmet foods in New York City, now offering home delivery in the region.

FreshDirect.com – Serves the New York City metro area, focusing heavily on fresh foods like seafood and meats, as well as general items. Delivers and also allows you to pick-up from their facility.

GopherGrocery.com – Home delivery of groceries to certain zip codes in Minnesota.

HomeShop – Operated by Kroger’s, HomeShop delivers to several cities in Colorado.

MaxDelivery.com – Delivery to a large portion of Manhattan, most deliveries within an hour and they will also bring you DVDs as well as groceries.

OneClickGrocery.com – Delivers to universities in New York and Connecticut. Delivery is free, but if you miss your window, there is a $15 re-delivery fee.

Peapod.com – One of the oldest online grocery stores, offers services in eleven metropolitan areas of the USA.

RocheBros.com – A full-line grocery store servicing the Boston, MA area.

Safeway.com – The Safeway grocery store chain offers delivery from their physical retail shops.

Schnucks.com – Delivery to a large portion of the state of Missouri.

SimonDelivers.com – Offers full grocery shopping to areas surrounding Minneapolis, MN.

UrbanGrocery.com – Deliveries of goods from Magruder’s to the Washington D.C. area.

YourGrocer.com – Is warehouse style shopping delivered to your house in portions of New York City and Connecticut.