Best kitchen knives to buy for Christmas

Best knives to get your favorite chef this Christmas

Let’s talk a little (or a lot) about knives…specifically, knives for the Home Chef on your Christmas list, and if that’s you…good for you, you deserve it! 😉

I’ll admit, up front, that I am a completely biased Henckel man, who was raised by a biased Henckel man, who was ALSO raised by a biased Henckel man, lol. Both dad and granddad were professionals and, while they might be swayed on their religion, they were steadfast in their Henckel knife faith.

Me, I’m not so much a disciple, as I’m inexperienced in other brands. I grew up using my father’s knives and he bought me my Henckel’s as a wedding present. They’ve been flawless for (almost) 20 years, so I’ve seen no Best kitchen knives for Christmasreason to experiment.

This is the Henckel set I have…

I realize that this is the high-end for the home chef, but, as my dad liked to say, “Buying your knives is like getting married, you only want to do it once.”

‘Course – he was also divorced three time…so…lol.

A less expensive option…

Wusthof ($165) – Good price (maybe too good) for another professional quality brand, and I like that they are high-carbon stainless.

However, I’m not wild about the look of them, the solid plastic handles look cheap to me…and at $150+, they shouldn’t look like a set of Walmart knives.

I’ve added these to our e-store anyway, just in case.

The Wusthof Classics (William Sonoma) have the benefits of the cheaper ones above, and look a lot nicer, but their the same price and the Henckels, so…again, I’m biased.

A note about knife sets with “steak” knives…

Steak knives are for restaurants that don’t know how to cook a steak…cook the steak right, and all you need is a butter-knife (another Dad-ism) Plus, you can buy 4 AWFULLY nice steak-knives, separately, for the extra $50-70, that they usually tag on to the price.

Or…you can get him (or her) this bad boy…lol…

Best kitchen knives for Christmas

I LOVE my cleaver and I use it all the time. It also keeps you from doing bad things, like chopping through bones, with your expensive Chef’s knife.

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And this book…

Personally, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to own good knives, unless they’ve read this book. (How uptight did that sound, lol?)

Okay, so sorry for the long winded post, asking a cook about knives is kinda like asking a hunter about his scars…you’re opening Pandora’s box, lol.

I you decide to go with any of the knives above, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d consider buying them through my Amazon store…the price is the same as from Amazon direct.


-Chef Perry