Happy National Biscuit Day!

Easy biscuits and sausage gravy recipes

It was a biscuits & gravy kinda morning! Nothin’ better than homemade sausage gravy, right!

Then I find out that it’s Nation Biscuit Day!

My friend Peter Battaglia from A Food Obsession, says I knew this in my  “subconscious chef’s mind” (now THERE’S a neighborhood you don’t want to wander through at night…)

Perfect Sausage GravyRegardless, I’m happy to whip up a batch of these for any reason, holiday or not. Sausage gravy is so simply to make that it always baffles me that anyone would buy the canned or packaged stuff!

Here’s the how-to video recipe for my personal sausage gravy, as I learned if from Chef Frank Perkins (my father), who learned it from Chef Frank Ray Perkins (his father), lol.

For an equally simple and delicious biscuit recipe, check out my pal Christy Jordan’s Southern Plate blog for these Classic 3 Ingredient Southern Biscuits.

Like everything on Christy’s site…they’re awesome.

So, have a great National Biscuit Day, and if you missed them this morning, whip up a homemade batch of biscuits and gravy for dinner tonight… it’ll still be breakfast time somewhere!

Chef Perry

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