What is a MY KITCHEN “SupperClub” Party?


One method of getting the word out for our MY KITCHEN Outreach Program, is to throw “SupperClub Parties” with families, friends, and supporters of our non-profit charity.

It’s all about fun, highlighting the things that the MK chefs do best: teaching hands-on cooking skills, and serving amazing food!


Prepping kale slaw for our “Farmers Market” SupperClub



Fun, Food, & Friends!

How it works:

Each host invites 10-15 friends over to their house, and we share a little bit about what we do, give some hands-on cooking demos of several recipes that follow a specific theme chosen by the host, maybe drink a little wine (at the host’s discretion), and then enjoy the fruits of our labors with a multi-course tapas-style meal of the dishes we’ve just learned to prepare.

Attendees are welcome to participate in the prep and cooking, or not, no pressure.

It’s a casual, low-stress, lots-of-laughs night with friends and family, that helps us help kids…

How’s THAT for a win-win?

See you there!

Chef Perry
MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

PS – Here are a couple of sample themes:

Kale Slaw

Theme: Farmer’s Market

Synopsis: Three simple vegetable dishes that highlight seasonally fresh produce

Meal: Copper Pennies, Kale Slaw, Italian Green Beans

 Pork Shoulders in Smoker

Theme: Creating Your Signature BBQ Sauce

Synopsis: Attendees will learn the basic elements of a BBQ sauce, then create their own from a wide variety of ingredients.

Meal: Pulled Pork Sliders, Cilantro-Sesame Slaw

Mushroom Pan Sauce

Theme: Perfect Pan Sauces

Synopsis: Instruction on three of the basic “Mother Sauces” of French cooking: Mornay (cheese), Tomato, and Mushroom Beurre Blanc.

Meal: Chicken Marsala, Pasta Rustica, Vegetable Trio with Mornay

  • If you would like to consider hosting your own SupperClub, and would like a full list of available themes, please contact us at mykitchenoutreach@gmail.com; Subject line: “SupperClub”


The Fine Print

Host pays for the cost of ingredients and materials only. All shopping, prep, delivery, and service are provided at no additional fee by the MY KITCHEN Program. Travel expenses outside of the Portland/Metro area will be considered a material expense. An invoice for food/material costs will be provided by MY KITCHEN. Payment in full must be received at least 1 week prior to the event date. Due to shopping requirements, cancellations within the last 72 hours will be non-refundable.

Host will provide space for a MY KITCHEN information and donation table (which we provide), as well as 10-15 minutes for our chefs to present the outreach to guests (typically just prior to the class).

Additional sides, beverages, and desserts may be added to the base menu for an additional fee. MY KITCHEN is not licensed to provide or serve alcohol, but you are certainly welcome to do so yourselves. Plating and serving-ware are provided by the host, or by us for an additional fee.

10 Guest minimum.*

Per our “Personal Chef” status, the States of Oregon/Washington require that there must be a residential kitchen onsite, and that we use that facility to prepare food.

Gratuities are not included in ingredient/materials pricing, nor required, but if you love the class (and you will) we never turn down a tip! All gratuities will be considered a donation to the MY KITCHEN Outreach Program, and used soley for the outreach. Tax-deductible receipts for tips and donations are can be provided.

*Obviously, our goal in these SupperClubs is to raise funds and support for the MY KITCHEN Program. Please keep this is mind when inviting attendees to your event, and consider those with the ability, means, and desire to partner with charities like ours to help mentor kids and feed the hungry.

Thank you for helping us help kids!

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The “ministry” of the MY KITCHEN Outreach Program


So, I was asked the other day what I consider to be the “ministry” aspect of our MY KITCHEN Cooking Classes.

I gave the question a lot of thought, and I want to share with you the answer I came up with.

MY KITCHEN MinistryMany of the kids we work with have severe self-esteem and self-worth issues.

Many come from a history of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

The world, as they know it, has hurt, marginalized, or just plan abandoned them, and they live daily questioning their worth and wondering if they are “just a mistake” (as one student told me last summer.)

These kids have lived much, if not all, of their lives in “survival mode”, simply trying to make it through each day without being hurt again, and never having the time, resources, or support to develop the kind of skills, interests, or passions that many of the rest of us take for granted.

MY KITCHEN MinistryChef Chris, Chef Terry, and I, when we teach a child a cooking skill, have seen time and time again how at the end of that day, or weekend, or six-week course…when they successfully flip that omelet, or taste that delicious chicken piccata that THEY made from scratch, and hear the cheers, praise, and compliments of their peers and leaders, they begin realize that they can do something, that they can have a skill that is unique to them, and that they, alone own.


MY KITCHEN MinistryThey begin to see that they may have something of value to offer; that they may have worth after all.

Sometimes for the first time in their lives.

And we believe that realization begins to open the door of their hearts to the possibility that they are not a “mistake”, that God knows them, He values them, He intentionally created them, and that He does have a plan and a purpose for their lives that they can achieve.

That is our ministry.

Chef Perry

If you’re not familiar with our MY KITCHEN Outreach, please visit this link to learn more!Be the change (483x391)