Food Bloggers Against Hunger…5 things you can do, starting today.

Food Bloggers Against HungerThe International Food Bloggers Conference has asked food bloggers to dedicate a post today (April 8th) to discuss hunger in America. This day of awareness is hosted by The Giving Table. Here’s more about it from the NY Times.

So, let’s discuss this…

1 in 5 children are hungry in America.

Yes, America. They live in Oregon, Washington, California, Dallas, New York, Colorado, and every other state. From coast to coast there are millions of children who have no idea where their next meal is going to come from.
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Free summer meals for kids – help spread the word!

Heyya Peeps!
As you probably know, at hautemealz.com (and burninlovebbq.com) we, and our subscribers, support the No Kid Hungry program*. Child hunger is a very personal subject for me, and I’m proud that we can share this message at every opportunity.
Here’s the message we received today: