How to carve a whole roasted chicken

carve a whole roasted chickenSo, this week, in your hautemealz.com menus, you’re going to find several recipes that use chicken meat from pre-cooked deli chickens.

(Fyi…if you live near a Costco, those are the best I’ve found!) You can, or course, roast your own chickens as well.

Either way, you’re going to end up with a whole bird, which then needs to be reduced into several smaller bird parts. The good news is that most store-bought rotisserie chickens are cooked long enough that the meat is tender, and the connective tissues and joints are very soft, and give way easily.

In other words, you can always tear that sucker apart with your bare hands, if need be. Unfortunately, the finished product, though still tasty, tends to look like…well, like someone tore a chicken apart with their bare hands.

For a little classier presentation, watch the video below to learn how simple it is to carve a whole roast chicken. Once you’re done, be sure to either go back and pick all those bits of meat, the ones that the knife missed, off the carcass. Or, bag and tag the remains, and drop them in the freezer for your next batch of homemade chicken stock!