Over-salted Bacon (and the BEST poached eggs…)

Over-salted Bacon

Nothing’s better than bacon, right?

Well, not always…

Bacon, even good bacon, can vary from slab to slab. Recently I picked up some of the really good stuff, and was disappointed to find the first bite was like chewing on a salt lick. Ugh.

However, having shelled out a pretty penny on this stuff, I decided to see what I could do to make it more palatable. This is an old trick I learned from my dad, and it works really well.

Oversalted Bacon

Fill a skillet with about an inch of water and bring to a simmer. Boil your bacon for about a minute, flipping once, and swishing it about a bit in the water. Remove the bacon, and either discard the water, or save for making the best poached eggs you’ve ever had! (See more, below).

Over-salted Bacon

Return the bacon to the pan, and fry to your liking (I like it crispy.)

Cooking bacon in water

90% of the time, this will solve your salty problem. If not, either toss it, or save it for BLT’s.

bacon broth poached egg

Best Poached Eggs, Ever!

Once you’ve removed your bacon, allow the simmering water to reduce by half, adding a little unsalted butter. Poach your eggs in this bacon-y goodness, with a little shake of fresh ground black pepper.


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