How to cook fish in parchment paper

For your Parchment Tilapia with Asparagus this week, we’re going to try what, for many of you, might be a brand-new technique…cooking with parchment paper.

This is such a simple process, heart-healthy, and creates a wonderfully delicate steamed fish…plus, it makes clean-up a breeze!

Check out this quick video clip by Chef Paul…I love this guy!


How to trim asparagus

Asparagus is a versatile vegetable that’s tasty in just about any form. Steaming, grilling, or pan roasting, it’s important to trim away the woody end of each stalk before you cook. I don’t typically peel my asparagus, but it’s probably not a bad idea, especially with the thicker stuff.

Here’s a short, sweet video to show you how simple it is to prep your stalks for the pot, pan, or grill!