It is done

The Home Chef Book



How do you write a book on how to save the world?

When I started this project, over two years ago, I had no idea how all-encompassing it would become. Unlike my blog, or the “Caja” cookbooks, which practically write themselves, this was more than just how-to’s and recipes (though, rest assured, there are plenty of those), this manuscript included deep, wide, unpredictable rivers of philosophy and conviction, unexplored dark chasms of learned opinion, personal bias, and (often cynical) worldview, as well.

It was easy to get lost. The sheer volume of hubris, alone, required to assume such a goal is exhausting.

Every idea, it seemed, birthed two more, and each of those two more again, growing exponentially into a fertile rabbit-warren of thoughts, questions, arguments, and hundreds of hours of research, fact-checking, testing, photography, formatting, and more than a dozen re-writes (In fact, I ditched the whole damn thing, twice, as just being too much of an information dump.)

The toll on myself and my family was much higher than I could have expected in the beginning, but it would have been impossible without their amazing patience, support, and occasional kick in the ass.

But here we are. Today, the book releases, it is done…

Consummatum est.

So, how do you write a book on how to save the world?

As someone once said, it’s a bit like watching hippos have sex. Scary in places, hilarious in others, a little awkward, and once it gets going, you want to stay out of its way.

Most of all…you’ll know when it’s done.

It’s done.


~Chef P

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