This week’s dinner recipes are up!

Hello friends and foodies!

Our free weekly dinnerplans have posted…and some of my favorites are on the menu!        

This week we focus on Ground Beef (menu 1) and Whole Chicken (menu 2).

Here are my favorites from each…    

Chef Perry’s Picks of the Week:

Week 37 Free Dinner Plans

Click here for this week’s Dinner Plans!

Password: SimplySmart

MY KITCHEN CookbookDid you know…that every one of our students receive, as their graduation gift, their own free copy of the MY KITCHEN Cookbook, which contains all of the lessons and recipes they’ve learned over the last four weeks, as well as many more using the same basic techniques.

Speaking of which…

Have you picked up YOUR copies?

100% of sales goes to support MY KITCHEN  classes, and for each copy you buy, you’re providing two free copies for future students!

Pick up your copies (they make great Christmas presents for kids, teens, or anyone who wants to learn their way around the kitchen) at our secure sales page.

New classes start soon, can’t wait!

Chef Perry
MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

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