Bacon, Manchego, and Pico Breakfast Bagel

Bacon manchego pico breakfast bagel recipe

This is my wife’s new favorite breakfast sandwich: bacon, Manchengo cheese, and pico de gallo on a toasted everything bagel!

1 “Everything” bagel
1 tsp unsalted butter
2 strips of bacon, halved
1 thin slice (1oz) Manchego cheese
2 Tbs. fresh pepper pico de gallo (see pico de gallo recipe here)   

Butter the cut sides of bagel and toast in a medium hot skillet until golden brown. Remove bagels and set aside.

Cook bacon over medium heat, on one side, until it reaches your preferred doneness. Flip the slices, keeping them together to form a square and top with cheese. Cook 1-2 more minutes, covered, until cheese has melted.

Place the bacon & cheese on top of the bottom bagel slice, add pico de gallo, and top bagel slice.

Serve immediately. (It’s important to serve as soon as possible, so the pick is still cold, and the bacon is still hot.)

You could replace the Manchego with just about any cheese. Either a sharp cheddar, or a smoked Goulda would be awesome in this recipe, as well.


Chef Perry

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