Cooking for the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Mud Run!

Amy Roloff Mud RunHad a wonderful time cooking for the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation Mud Run! Lot’s of laughs and support-building for all of the amazing charity groups that Amy’s Foundation supports!

Amy Roloff Mud Run

The whole thing was filmed for an upcoming episode of “Little People, Big World”, so TLC has asked everyone not to post any pictures of the actual Mud Run, but here are some fun shots of the cooking and eating… MY two favorite sporting events!

Amy Roloff Mud Run

Be sure to tune in to TLC on August 1st for this episode of “Little People, Big World!”

Amy Roloff Mud Run

Huge THANK YOU to our awesome volunteers at this event: Dana Ramsey, Wade, Diane, Alaine, and Timothy Anderson! We couldn’t have done it without you!

See all of this pictures, here.

-Chefs Perry, Terry, & Chris

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