What do YOU want to cook?

What do YOU want to cook


We’re working on our “How To Videos” schedule for the first quarter of 2015, and I got to thinking…   

I shoot a lot of videos showing you how to cook the things that I want to cook, so maybe it’s time to find out what dishes or techniques you would like to know more about!   

It can be a family dish you’ve always wanted to master, a favorite menu item from a restaurant you love, maybe a quicker or healthier version of an old favorite, or just a basic technique you’ve wondered about.   

Let me know in the comments section, below, what you would like to see in an upcoming SimplySmartDinnerPlans video, and I’ll add it to the list!  

Be sure to include your name so I can give credit where credit is due.   


Chef Perry

PS – If you’ve haven’t yet, be sure to check out the previous tips, tricks, and step-by-step recipes we’ve filmed over on our YouTube channel!

10 thoughts on “What do YOU want to cook?

  1. Would love to have a demonstration of paella. I’ve made it before, but didn’t have the right pan ad not sure that I followed the steps correctly.

  2. What do I wanna learn? Roux…. I’ve come across lots of recipes that call for it as a first step – and I always manage to end up with a mess… lumps and clumps of flour and butter that take forever to break back down to actually thicken the recipe at all….

  3. Hey Perry,

    It’s not necessarily what to cook, but how to cook for six with no fancy equipment and little budget. I have 1 frying pan & 1 small. 1 small sauce pan, and two large boiling pans. The previous owner of our new house left a stainless steel stew pot!!! I have a set of knives that were a wedding present given in 1992 – might have been sharpened twice. Cutting veggies is a nightmare… How can I cook like I have all the fancy equipment?

    • Jenni,

      Thanks for the email! I’m going to shoot a video for you this week on how to multi-task various kitchen gear, but first I’m going to be straight up with you… your question is a little like “How do I win the lottery without buying a ticket?” Well…you don’t. :)

      I’d rather live on ramen than work with dull knives. It costs about 5-10 bucks per knife for professional sharpening. Check around at local Farmer’s Markets, hardware stores, or even Craigslist to find a sharpener. Ask around among your local friends, someone either has their knives professionally sharpened or (even better) knows how to do it themselves. Buy them coffee. Start with your Chef’s Knife (the big one) and work your way down. Make sure you’re caring for your knives properly, to insure that they stay sharp as long as possible. Second, while it’s nice to have top-of-the-line pots and pans (believe me), they are far down on the list of what’s required to cook great food. If your cash-flow can’t take a several-hundred dollar hit all at once, you can buy very reasonably-priced ($15-$20) non-stick pans at your local “one-stop” shopping joint, and just know that they’re going to need to be replaced in 9-12 months. It’s a lot like buying new tires, the cheap ones are just as good as the spendy one…for a while.

      Lastly, I’ve gotten some of my best, restaurant-quality pots and pans by browsing the local Good Will on a weekly basis. 99% of what you find is going to be junk, but there will be pearl among the swine (how’s that for a mixed metaphor?) every once and a while. Most of the non-stick stuff will be worn and worthless, so look for thick, heavy bottom pots and pan (1/4-1/2 inch thick bases on your pots and pans will change your cooking forever) with minimal scaring on the cooking surface, and solid, or repairable handles.

      Check out the knives as well. Good knives will be even more rare, but it happens. I saw some very nice Cutco knives last week at Good Will for less that $10 each! Assume in advance that the first thing you’ll need to do is have them sharpened, as second hand-stores are criminal degenerates in how they store and display their cookware.

      Speaking of knives…we ARE giving away a set of top-notch Henckel knives this week in our Christmas Contest…check it out!

      Chef Perry

  4. What about a basic pasta/rice + vegie+sauce that could be adapted for any meat, veggie or leftover and that could be a planned leftover userupper

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