The Perfect Gift for Wedding Season

Newlyweds-CookingNewlyweds are busy folks!

What with jobs, getting settled in, school, hobbies, and…other stuff…many of us can look back on that first year or two of married bliss and admit that those wonderful memories didn’t always extend to the kitchen.

A gift subscription (monthly, or a full year) is a great way to make sure those crazy kids are enjoying healthy, delicious, and easy-to-prepare meals, that fit their budgets and hectic schedules.

This is especially true if one half of the happy couple has specialized needs like diabetic-friendly, calorie-restricted, or gluten-free…creating a whole new learning curve for the cook!

foodie wedding gift

Real food, quick and simple!

Now, you can give your favorite newlyweds (not to mention their moms!) the peace of mind of knowing that their dinner menus have been personally chef-tested and approved to meet their needs, and they’ll get an itemized shopping list with every week’s plan, so they know exactly what to buy, and how to prepare it.

ax030-1308-9jpg-7ce76443b8ebd293Plus, they’ll always have the chefs available to answer their questions, and walk them through any recipe or technique!

So give the gift of hautemealz*, and get them started out right, because, let’s face it…they’re just going to return that toaster anyway.

-Chef Perry

 *To sign up a gift subscription, simply fill out the enrollment form and payment information in your own name. When you receive your welcome email (usually within the hour), simply reply and let us know the name and email address that you would like the meal plans delivered to!




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