How to butterfly a turkey breast

Grilled Mango-Chutney Glazed Turkey Breast Butterflying any piece of meat will greatly decrease its cooking time; butterflying a turkey breast will cut the marinating and/or cooking time in half.

For next week’s menu plan, you’ll be cooking a whole turkey breast to use in three recipes over the course of the week. the first of which will be Grilled Mango-Chutney Glazed Turkey Breast. (pictured)

To speed up that process, you’ll want to butterfly the breast, first. This is the same process you would use to butterfly a chicken breast, boneless pork chop, etc.

We thought a little play-by-play might be helpful…

how to butterfly a turkey breast

Butterfly the turkey breast by placing the turkey skin side down on your cutting board.

how to butterfly a turkey breast

With your knife parallel to the board and half way up on the meat, place the palm of your hand carefully on top of the breast (keep those fingers out of the way!), and cut almost all the way through the breast horizontally, leaving 1-inch of meat, uncut, on the outside edge, like the spine of a book.

how to butterfly a turkey breast

Then open the breast up…like a book! The goal is to have the meat an even thickness.

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You can marinate and cook it like this, in a jiffy, or place some chilled seasoned butter, cheese, ham, veggies (whatever), in the middle, close it back and and seal the edges with egg white to do a cordon-bleu or Kiev presentation.


-Chef Terry


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