Introduction to Gluten-Free Recommendations

Folks have asked me, Why do you recommend certain brands and products in the gluten free menus?

Fair question, and one with several answers. First of all, is all about saving you time, so I’m hoping to eliminate your need to stand in the aisle and read label after label, to determine which brands and products are safe.

I do that for you, so that you and your family spend less time at the store, and more time together at the dinner table.

Still, there are plenty of gluten free choices available to us nowadays, and yet I still fall back on a few trustworthy brands, why?

These are names that, over the years, I have come to trust and love, because (let’s face it) not all gluten free bread is created equal! I’ve had more than my share of peanut butter slathered cardboard and I am sure you have too. We’re committed to providing recipes that are nutritious and delicious…a combination that’s not always easy to find.

Even more important than taste, there’s credibility.

A label can say “gluten free”, but have they taken the time to make sure there is no cross-contamination in the packing process?

What about ingredients we feel comfortable feeding our family?

These are just some of the questions I consider when suggesting a brand for your meals. Over the next few weeks I’ll highlight a number of individual products and tell you why I think they are the go to, gluten free, family friendly and tastiest choices.

Check back soon, and be sure to check out our GF Sample Menu!

Chef Maryse GF Chef & Menu Designer

Gluten-free specialist Maryse L. Blake, CHC, is also the healthy lifestyle blogger of The Healthy Momma is a certified holistic health coach. Diagnosed with Celiac disease over 5 years ago, she thrives to simplify the process of eating gluten free without sacrificing taste or nutrition. You’ll find Maryse’s experience and love of great food in each and every delicious gluten-free dish!

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