Basic Knife Techniques (Video)

Hey, not everyone was raised working in professional kitchens, we know that…and no one is born automatically knowing how to use a kitchen knife, either.

Like everything else, it has to be learned!

We took a look around and, for a quick read on several basic cutting techniques (and some tips on sharpening your knives, as well) this video was one of the best we found.

BTW…knife skills, like religion and sports, are passionate and deeply held beliefs for some folks, and can become matters of endless debate. We don’t like endless debate, it takes away from cooking time. So – if you do it differently than this…and it works for you…congrats, keep doing it your way! If you don’t have a “way” and want some basic info…watch this video.

If you would like some suggestions on good knives, let us know!


How to Chop with a Kitchen Knife While Keeping Your Fingers Intact from Kaley Perkins on Vimeo.

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