You know you’re a foodie, when…

This one’s for all of our foodie friends, happy Friday!

You know you’re a foodie when…

You plan vacations based on the local restaurant scene.

You’ve stayed up till 2am reading…a cookbook.

You take notes at the movies during “food scenes”.

You carry around your own condiments…you know, just in case.

You have a 60″ Plasma TV and pay for cable…but the only channel you watch is Food Network.

You’ve used the term “food porn” in front of your mom.

It no longer seems strange to take pictures of what you eat.

You become obviously aroused at the mention of the word, “Tapas.”

You’ve woken your spouse up at 3am to read them a recipe.

Friends apologize when inviting you to fast food restaurants.

Dogs follow you because you smell like bacon.

Your 4 y/o won’t eat boxed mac & cheese, but begs forĀ  foie gras, goat cheese, and caviar.

You have a specific menu planned for your own memorial service.

You never get invited to dinner because your friends are scared to cook for you.

You’ve rearranged food on someone else’s plate, to take a picture…

When the answer to any problem is to make dessert.

You’re on a first-name basis with the butcher at your favorite store, but you can’t remember your babysitter’s name.

You’ve registered for your wedding AND baby shower at WHOLE FOODS.

You have fantasized about being locked in a kitchen with Alton Brown

Okay, your turn…