Best Ham Leftovers Recipes

My 5 Favorite Leftover Ham Recipes

Best Ham Leftovers Recipes

So, yesterday we took a look at my favorite ham recipe, Peach-Ginger Smoked Holiday Ham, now let’s take a look at what to do with all of these delicious piggy leftovers…you will have leftover’s right?

Leftover ham recipesNot buying twice as much ham as you need for the holiday meal…total rookie mistake.

Sure, you could do three or four reheats of Thanksgiving dinner (I do this at least once for lunch) but don’t pass up the chance to add some of these great dishes into the menu plan for the week following the holidays…

My 5 Favorite Ham Recipes

leftover ham and bean soup recipeHam and bean soup – Use the ham bone and some leftover ham to make a hearty soup. I like to add a 15 Bean Soup Mix. Soak the beans overnight, so that they’re ready to use the next day. Saute a large diced yellow onion, a diced red bell pepper, and – if you like a little spice – a diced jalapeno.

Simmer until done, uncovered, adding water as needed. Serve with lots of soft, warm bread.

leftover ham brekfast bagel recipeHam and eggs – I love breakfast for dinner! Grill the ham lightly in butter, and pair with some toast or a toasted everything bagel and a little Gruyere cheese, and you’ve got a quick, and awesome dinner.

Fancy it up by making a Denver omelet!


leftover ham cobb salad

Cobb salad – Diced ham (as well as any other meats and cheeses you might have lying around Romaine and iceberg lettuce, red onion, olives, avocados, chopped bacon…you name it! Oh, and just one guy’s opinion, but it ain’t Cobb salad without some of those little mini corn things!

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Homemade Hawaiian pizza – dice the ham, and follow this Basic Pizza Dough recipe – Fresh pineapple is a bit more work, but totally worth it! Top the dough with a little tomato paste, some shredded Italian blend cheese and pop into a pre-heated 450 oven for 10-15 minutes. Or, grab a pizza stone and follow our recipe and made some next-level grilled pizza!

Fried potatoes and ham – Hash, as we call it down south, is a big favorite at our house. I like to mix the fried potatoes with onions, mushrooms, and pieces of ham, but you can serve the ham on the side, too. Sprinkle with a little cheddar cheese and top with a dollop of sour cream. You can use something healthier than bacon grease to fry the potatoes…but it won’t be as good.

I know, I said 5…but I can’t leave out my favorite…

Ham sandwiches – This old standby is great for lunch. Ham, cheddar, bread, and butter…simple and perfect! Fancy it up by adding a little sweet-hot mustard in sliced Italian bread, swapping the cheddar for Gruyere, and grilling it until golden brown on both sides. Bene!

So, what’s YOUR favorite “Holiday leftover recipe?”