Turkey hotdogs as part of a healthy diet…


Looking for some brains to pick…

As you know, we’re spending the month of November developing our “Dollar Dinners” – a new series of free dinner plans featuring the healthiest possible recipes we could develop that  fall at or below the average SNAP benefit allotment.

Our goal is that most will be 15-25% below the $1.50 per-serving average, as we want to allow for some fresh fruit and vegetable snacks, as well.

Here’s my question:

Obviously, at that limited of a budget, occasionally we’re going to have to go with the “best possible option”, when preferred (& more expensive) foods simply won’t fit in the weekly budget.

Growing up as I did, where I did, things like chicken-turkey hotdogs and bologna were a staple of our diet. While I’m certainly not going to advocate those as a “healthy food option”,  I’m wondering what your thoughts are on how often, if ever, items like that could be included in limited portions and as one ingredient in a otherwise healthy dish? (Something like a cabbage-zucchini stir-fry.)

  • No more than once a week
  • No more than twice per month
  • No more than once a month
  • Never!

Again, we’re making no pretense that these will be the healthiest meals one can cook, but that we’re making the best with what folks have available to them, and looking to vastly improve their current diet. The vast majority of the meals that include meat will still be a fresh, unprocessed, lean-protein options.

Please comment below!

Chef Perry

PS – We’re not interested in vegetarian or vegan commentary. These plans will include 1-2 meatless dinners per week already, so this is not the question. Thanks!

PPS – I know that subject line was pretty inflammatory…but it got you here, right? :)

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