Taco Meat Sliders

Leftover Meals ~ Terrific Taco Sliders

Taco Meat Sliders

Here’s a quick look at my new favorite thing. We do taco night every Friday, and usually have some of the ground pork mixture left over. Typically, I use it in omelets the next morning, but this week I had a bunch of leftover slider rolls to deal with, so this became lunch.


Start by toasting the slider buns in a little hot butter (sandwich bread should be toasted…always.)

Taco Meat Sliders

Remove the rolls, add a bit more butter to the pan, then add the taco meat. Stir and let warm a bit, then gather the meat back to the center of the pan into whatever thickness you prefer.

Taco Slider recipe

Top meat with shredded cheese, cover pan, and remove from heat. Allow to rest 5 minutes.

Scoop the meat and cheese mixture onto the slider rolls, top with onions and cilantro.

Add top bun, and serve.

Taco Slider recipe

BTW, here’s my favorite “gringo” taco meat recipe, plus a fresh pepper pico de gallo that would be awesome on these sliders, as well.

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