Local Bacon Mustard = Best. Hotdog. Ever.

Bacon Mustard 1

Last week, I joined a group of old friends, piled into an RV, and headed up the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge on a gorgeous fall day to get a taste of the world famous Hood River Fruit Loop.

This 35-mile loop through the stunning Hood River valley in a brightly colored daisy-chain of fresh fruits, veggies, flowers, local wineries, fresh fruit pies, jams, syrups, fruit smoothies, and local artisan gifts.

You will never, my friends and neighbors, bite into a more perfect tasting apple of pear, or take a more delicious sip of fresh cider…anywhere…ever.

I, of course, was a kid in a candy store, coming waddling home with bags of new, local, goodies to try.

One of these, was AJ’s* Walla Walla Sweet Onion Mustard with Smokey Bacon.

I pan-seared a couple of all-beef hotdogs this afternoon, gave it a generous spread of this pork-centric condiment, hit it with a sprinkle of sweet and red onions and, MAN…so freaking good!

Bacon Mustard 2

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The mustard has a great texture, a perfect balance of tang, heat and sweet, and a very clear, very clean (but not overwhelming) bacon flavor.

It is, I kid you not, the best mustard I’ve ever had on a dog. Can’t wait to make some soft pretzels!

Chef Perry

*AJ’s Edible Arts, Inc. is a woman-owned business based in Pasco, Wa.  They specialize in hand crafted mustards, sauces, dry mixes, and gourmet gift boxes. Check ’em out!


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