Cream cheese shrimp dip

Shrimp Dip Stupendousness

Cream cheese shrimp dip.

Nana Dixie makes this amazing appetizer in adessert mold(think plastic bundt cake pan), and it’s a very pretty, and snazzy presentation for for parties, pot-lucks, etc, especially when served with warm flatbread spears.

One thing that I love so much about this dish is that it’s so iconic of my Mother-in-law’s generation.

I can picture her, in her lace kitchen apron, with her perfect Jackie-O hairdo and cat’s-eye reading glasses, setting this dish down in front of a table-full of cigarette smoking, martini sipping guests, while “Mack the Knife” is playing from the turntable in the next room.

It’s just…classy and classic…a lot like Nana!

It’s every bit as good, as well, straight from the mixing bowl, with a stack of Triscuits or cuke rounds (trust me, I know), plus…it’s SO easy to prepare!

This addictive dish is one of my all-time favorite recipes, and Dixie makes sure it’s on the table for me at every holiday meal, thanks Nana!

Nana Dixie’s Shrimp Dip
1 bunch green onion tops, diced
1 cup celery, diced
1/2 lb fresh salad shrimp (or cr)
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 envelope Knox gelatine
3/4 cup Best Foods mayonnaise
6 oz softened cream cheese

Warm the mushroom soup, whisk in gelatine and allow to cool. In a separate bowl, or Kitchen-aid mixer, mix the cream cheese and mayo. Add onions, and celery, and mix well.

Combine all, folding in shrimp, and chill at least 6 hours (overnight is better).

*If using a mold, chill the mold with cold water before adding the dip, this will keep it from sticking to the sides. When ready to serve, place a plate (upside down) over the top of the mold, and invert. For a really cool presentation, check this one out!

Sprinkle with finely chopped Italian parsley, or cilantro (this is my addition!)

Serve with crackers, cucumber rounds, or warmed flatbread points.

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