How to remove pin-bones from salmon

As we’re going to have a number of delectable salmon dishes on the menu next week, we thought we should cover one of the most frequently asked questions when dealing with these most perfect of all fishes.

“What’s up with all those freakin’ little bones down the center of the salmon fillet I just bought?”
salmon pin bones
Those pesky bones are called “pin bones” — or “intermuscular bones” when you’re hanging with your zoologist pals — and they’re found in many popular fish, especially salmon.

Filleting a fish removes the flesh from the main skeleton (backbone and ribs), but the pin bones are “floating” bones, not attached to the main skeleton.

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In this short video clip, Moe, Culinary Resource Coordinator at Central Market Shoreline, demonstrates how to quickly and easily get the pin bones out of your salmon before cooking, so your family isn’t picking them out of their teeth at the table.