Pork neck bones …really.

Cooking Pork Neck Bones

Subscriber and long-time friend Rebecca asks:

Help! I was just given some pork neck bones. What do I do with them? Usually I would boil beef down and make soup. Is that what you do with pork too?


I LOVE pork neck bones. Truly one of the great under-appreciated cuts!

I usually use them to make stock for soup or Pho. Pork neck bones make the best stock!

homemade pork stock recipeUnfortunately, I haven’t posted a pork neck recipe, yet, but you can use our Chicken Stock recipe, and just replace the meat.

I would salt the raw neck bones, and roast them at 400 degrees until dark brown and starting to crisp, them throw them directly into the stock pot.

For the Pho version, you can check out this post:

Just sub the beef stock for your pork broth, and the meatballs with the tasty bits of pork from the necks.

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After browning, they would also be excellent in split pea soup, Southern style greens, or instead of roasting, brown them in a pan, deglaze with red wine, and build a classic ragu like the one in our Braciole recipe.


Chef Perry