What is “Mise en place?”

Professional chefs use a system referred to as “mise en place” (meez n plaas) – or everything in place – getting their ingredients and tools organized and ready ahead of cooking time.

This means setting up your kitchen so that everything is within reach. The area where you do most of your prepping should have easy access to knives and measuring cups so that you’re not digging around for the stuff you need.

This means having wooden spoons near your stove, where you’ll use them, instead of across the kitchen in a drawer; cutting board next to sink and disposal, knives near cutting board.

Also, prep your food, open any cans, pre-measure dry ingredients into small bowls (a bio-degradable paper cup, kept in with the sugar, flour, salt, rice, etc…works great and saves on clean-up too!)

With a proper mise en place, you should never have to stray for than a step or two from your cooking “station.”

Trust me, this is a HUGE time saver!

So…how do you organize your mise en place?

Chef Perry