Freezing One-Cup Servings of Homemade Stock

Found another great use for my Pampered Chef* 1-Cup Prep Bowls (typically I used these for my mise en place). They’re also perfect for freezing 1 cup servings of homemade stock for future recipes!

In a previous post on making stock (see link below), I showed you how to use an ice-cube tray to make smaller servings of stock, which are great for when I just want to add a little flavor to a sauce, or for steaming veggies.

However, sometimes I need a larger quantity for rice dishes, gravies, soup bases, etc. In those cases, these one-cup servings really come in handy.

Chx Stock Mise

Just fill the bowls, cover and freeze over night. Cover and freeze overnight, then set the bowls, one at at time, in a shallow bowl of hot water for a few seconds, to loosen your brothcicle. (A butter knife, slipped between the ice and glass, helps pop them loose.)

If you use your stock quickly, as I do, a standard gallon-size zip bag is fine for storage. If you’re concerned about air effecting it over time, you can vacuum pack the individual servings.

Now you always have fresh, tasty stock (that doesn’t taste like an aluminum can) right at your finger tips, whenever you need it!

Here’s my previous post on how to make your own chicken stock at home…and here’s one of my favorite super simple recipes that uses homemade chicken stock: Chicken Rice!


Chef Perry

*If you’re interested in picking up some of these bowls, or other Pampered Chef products, we have a couple of hautemealz.com subscribers who would be happy to help you out. Send us a note and we’ll get you their contact info!


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Why we like organic

Here at hautemealz.com, we’re fans of fresh, locally grown, organic foods.

We love roadside vegetable stands, food fairs, and the farmer’s market.  There are a lot of opinions (some informed, some not so), on organic foods, on how they are more sustainable and better for the environment, how they are more naturally produced and safer from potentially dangerous chemicals and processes, and how they effect the local community…there are many, many arguments. So, why do we stress the importance of eating these foods?

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To Market! To Market!

My good friend, hautemealer, and foodie extraordinaire, Di Anderson, is small market/local market guru (some might say it’s an obsession, but not me – I want  her to keep writing for us…) Just yesterday she was taunting me with fresh, locally grown asparagus from her neighborhood produce stand…and, yes, I’m going to have to go get some!

So, here’s an article that Di was kind enough to put together especially for hautemealz.com, on making the most of your local Saturday Markets…

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BTW – I did some shopping last night, at one of those not-the-best-deals-in-town grocery stores, and I’m telling you…there were some amazingly good prices on these fruits and veggies in the produce department, even that awesome organic stuff!

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