The Scott Baio sandwich

New class idea: What’s YOUR Celebrity Sandwich?

Celebrity sandwichesThinking about doing this as a “Sandwich Class” for MY KITCHEN summer camps and classes this year.

For the last hundred years, especially on the east coast, superstar names on deli sandwiches have been de rigueur, and it’s a tradition I love.

Class idea: “Create your own Celebrity Sandwich”

We’d have a couple of examples pre-made (simple stuff like turley/cheddar, PB/banana) and quartered for the kids to try, and a brief lesson on complimentary and contrasting flavor and texture combinations. Then have them walk thru a huge “sandwich bar” of ingredients, writing their own recipe (lesson 2) before building their sandwich.

Sandwiches would be rated on comp/contrasting flavors, as well as how well they followed their own recipes.

Two of my personal favorite celebrity sandwiches are:

The Scott Baio sandwich

The Scott Baio:  Sesame seed hero. Sopressata, Prosciotto, mozrella, more prosciotto, provelone, basil mix (sliced basil, olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt, pepper), banana peppers.

The Adam Sandler Sandwich
The Adam Sandler:  Nova Scotia smoked salmon, smoked sturgeon, lettuce, tomato, and onion

By the way, here’s mine:

The Chef Perry
Head cheese, thin sliced beef tongue, salt & pepper, horseradish mayo, thin sliced pickled cucumbers, spiralized daikon radish, alfalfa sprouts, cilantro, olive oil, and rice wine vinegar on a toasted pretzel hoagie roll. Serve with spicy pickle wedges, and a vanilla cream soda.

What would YOUR “Celebrity Sandwich” look like?

Chef Perry

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