The “ministry” of the MY KITCHEN Outreach Program


So, I was asked the other day what I consider to be the “ministry” aspect of our MY KITCHEN Cooking Classes.

I gave the question a lot of thought, and I want to share with you the answer I came up with.

MY KITCHEN MinistryMany of the kids we work with have severe self-esteem and self-worth issues.

Many come from a history of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

The world, as they know it, has hurt, marginalized, or just plan abandoned them, and they live daily questioning their worth and wondering if they are “just a mistake” (as one student told me last summer.)

These kids have lived much, if not all, of their lives in “survival mode”, simply trying to make it through each day without being hurt again, and never having the time, resources, or support to develop the kind of skills, interests, or passions that many of the rest of us take for granted.

MY KITCHEN MinistryChef Chris, Chef Terry, and I, when we teach a child a cooking skill, have seen time and time again how at the end of that day, or weekend, or six-week course…when they successfully flip that omelet, or taste that delicious chicken piccata that THEY made from scratch, and hear the cheers, praise, and compliments of their peers and leaders, they begin realize that they can do something, that they can have a skill that is unique to them, and that they, alone own.


MY KITCHEN MinistryThey begin to see that they may have something of value to offer; that they may have worth after all.

Sometimes for the first time in their lives.

And we believe that realization begins to open the door of their hearts to the possibility that they are not a “mistake”, that God knows them, He values them, He intentionally created them, and that He does have a plan and a purpose for their lives that they can achieve.

That is our ministry.

Chef Perry

If you’re not familiar with our MY KITCHEN Outreach, please visit this link to learn more!Be the change (483x391)