Christmas buying guide: Chef’s Knives

We’ve had a couple of requests for our thoughts on chef’s knives as Christmas gifts this year.

HenckelsOur friend Gary asks:

A friend wants a really nice 8″ Henckel Chef knife. What do you recommend and how much? I would say something in the $50-100 range.

Hey Bro,

I took a look on Amazon, which will likely be the best deal, and found you a couple of options, which I added to our store.

The first (and more expensive) is the Pro-S series ($129.00), which is the same one I have. 18 years and going strong.

The second, is a less expensive option ($54.95), but still a very good knife for the average home user.

The only real difference she would find would likely be the the Pro-S has a little better balance, is a little heavier (a good thing), and probably holds an edge a bit longer.

On sale and free shipping on either.

Both good knives.

SimplySmartDinnerPlans friend, Lisa asks:

Hi Chef Perry, my husband has asked for a knife set for Christmas. I am looking at Wusthof or Henckel brands. Do you have any advice? I like the idea of sticking with about $200 but willing to go up to $400 if convinced it was really worth it.

Thank you :) – Lisa


Thanks for asking!

I’ll admit, up front, that I am a completely biased Henckel man, who was raised by a biased Henckel man, who was ALSO raised by a biased Henckel man, lol.

Both dad and granddad were professionals and, while they might be swayed on their religion, they were steadfast and puritanical in their knife faith.

Me, I’m not as much a disciple, as I’m inexperienced in other brands. I grew up using my father’s knives and he bought me my Henckel’s as a wedding present. They’ve been flawless for (almost) 18 years, so I’ve seen no reason to experiment.

This is the set I have.

I realize that this is the high-end of your budget, but, as my dad liked to say, “Buying your knives is like getting married, you only want to do it once.”

‘Course – he was also divorced three time…so…lol.

As to the knives you listed:

41KHL6MChbL._SL210_Wusthof (normally $299, but on sale at Amazon right now for $125) – Good price (maybe too good), I like that they are high-carbon stainless.

I’ve added these to the hautemealz e-store, just in case.

BTW, in my not-so-humble opinions, “steak knives” are for bad restaurants…cook the steak right, and all you need is a standard dinner knife. Don’t waste the extra money buying a knife set with a much of serrated steak knives.

Spend it on this book, instead…

Personally, I don’t think anyone should be allowed to own good knives, unless they’ve read this book.

Okay, so sorry for the long winded answer, asking a cook about knives is kinda like asking a hunter about his scars…you’re opening Pandora’s box, lol.

If you decide to go with any of the knives above, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d consider buying them through our Amazon store…the price is the same.


– Chef Perry