Gluten Free Tip: Cross Contamination

If not everyone in your home is gluten free it can be easy to cross contaminate when using a butter knife to spread mayonnaise, mustard and other spread type foods and condiments.

Squeeze bottles are a great way to avoid this and an expensive solution to buying the “squeezable” versions off the grocery store shelf,  is to buy squeeze bottles from a dollar store, or online, and pour your own stuff in them.

Eat great, eat safe!

Chef Maryse

Gluten-free specialist Maryse L. Blake, CHC, is also the healthy lifestyle blogger of The Healthy Momma is a certified holistic health coach. Diagnosed with Celiac disease over 5 years ago, she thrives to simplify the process of eating gluten free without sacrificing taste or nutrition.




Crazy Chipotle Catsup and Perfect Scrambled Eggs

chipotle ketchup and scrambled eggsWhen Dana and Dani posted that they had just bottled up a fresh batch of chipotle catsup, my instant reply was:

“I’m afraid I’ll need to test that recipe…”

5 seconds after posting, Dani knocked on my door with a bottle, still warm from the kitchen.

Clean livin’ baby…that’s some good karma right there!

Problem was…what was I going to prepare that would be a worthy vessel for this jar of savory, spicy awesomeness? I don’t like ketchup on my burgers, and fries didn’t seem worthy of the maiden voyage. I considered sweet-potato fries, but didn’t feel like making a store-run.

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