Testing Meat Doneness

Testing Meat Doneness

SimplySmartDinnerPlans subscriber, Karen, asks:

“What’s the best way to test a steak, or a chicken breast to make sure it’s done cooking, but not overdone?”

We all know that you should never, ever, ever poke or cut cooking meat to test for doneness. This infographic depicts a method for testing doneness that my father taught me many, many years ago.

I’ve demonstrated this method hundreds of times, both in cooking classes, and as a private chef, and it’s still one of the best ways I know to test for doneness.

Note: Keep in mind, with this or any method, you still want to remove the meat from heat, and allow to rest, while it is just slightly less done than you want the finished product, as hold-over cooking will finish it during the resting process.

Chef Perry

Meat Doneness Test