How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

Even if you lose your can-opener in the zombie apocalypse, you don’t have to starve!

When the lids are placed on food cans, they’re sealed by rolling the lid over the lip of the can and pressing. You can break that seal by “sanding” away the metal around the top of the rim.

It’s cold outside, and I didn’t want to set up my camera out there, so I brought in a cinder block for the video, but any paving stone, concrete driveway, or even a flat-topped curb would work just fine.

You don’t have to apply a ton of weight to the can, just a steady downward pressure as it’s moving back and forth. As soon as you see moisture on the concrete, stop and inspect the lid.

You’re looking for a thin gap between the lid and the can. When half of the lid shows this gap, you’re ready. The rest of the edge will be thin enough to pop right open.

Wipe down the lid with a damp towel and insert the blade of a butter knife into the gap. Give it a twist, and the lid will pop right off!

BTW – I bought this can of sliced carrots for another video about how much better tasting, better for you, and cheaper it is to dice your own fresh carrots at home. Please don’t eat canned carrots.

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Chef Perry



How to Open a Can without a Can Opener