Fun Foodie Easter Craft: Peep Houses

Easter Craft Peep Coops

Found these Peep Houses on Yesterfood’s Facebook page, and it was too cute not to share.

From the Yesterfood blog: “Is this an Easter craft or an Easter treat? It’s both! These Peeps Houses are almost too cute to eat. Whether you eat them or not, they’re fun to make.”

You’ll need:

  • Peeps
  • Graham Crackers (I recommend name-brand for this- they’re a little thicker and sturdier)
  • Cookie Icing or Frosting (I used some homemade butter cream frosting that I had left over from a cupcake project; something thick/firm is suggested. The original instructions said that Wilton’s Cookie Icing would work, but one reader reported that it did not work for her).
  • Newspaper or parchment paper
  • Easter decor, such as Easter grass, candy eggs, etc.

See the step-by-step instructions (with photos) here.

You can bet my daughter and I will be making these this year!

Chef Perry

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