“How Hot Dogs Are Made!!!” (Today’s stupidity alert…)


Okay, so THIS bit of Facebook idiocy has been shared with me a half-dozen times this morning, typically with the all-caps subject line, “OMG…IS THIS TRUE???????????”

Short answer? “OMG…NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


My friends…please, PLEASE, engage your higher reasoning capabilities before you swallow (or God forbid, share) an enormous load of BS like this:

No, this AIN’T how hot dogs are made!

I have been to hot dog processing plants, and there is no machine that grinds up whole pigs like that grinder, nor in there need for one. That video is scrapped together from several different processing plants (note the different logos and uniforms).

First of all, those are whole, un-gutted animals they’re throwing in those grinders, which would violate about a million FDA laws. My guess is that that shot is taken from a dog-food plant somewhere.

Also, any hunter will tell you that the introduction of bile, fecal matter, urine, etc., would make the meat inedible (believe me, you would taste it!)

Most of the rest of the scenes were stolen from THIS video, which shows the real process:

Second, it would be an enormously expensive waste to use the whole pig, prime cuts and all, for hot dogs. The wholesale cost for whole hogs is $2-3 per lb. (believe me, I know) while John Morrell Hot Dogs sell for .99 for a 16oz package…you do the math.

Typically, it’s just going to be the scrap parts and trimmings from the butchering process…which is what sausages and terrines have been made out of for centuries.

This is simply one more ham-handed propaganda attempt (you can tell by the manipulative, slightly-creepy background music) to dupe the slack-jawed hordes of FB members who will run, quacking in panic, at anything the see online.

My guess is that if you could track it’s origins back far enough, you’d end up at the desk of some militant vegan or animal-rights organization.

Which makes me want to go buy a hot dog for lunch.

My point? ~ Please stop helping the ministry of disinformation by believing, or distributing, this kind of stupidity.

Thank you,

Chef Perry

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