SimplySmartDinnerPlans Christmas Feast!

As you know, we’re all about meal plans here at SimplySmartDinnerPlans, and for many of us the meal we most look forward to each year is Christmas dinner.

So, as our way of saying thank you to all of our amazing subscribers, we’ve put together a next-level free Christmas Feast plan for you this holiday season!

The Christmas Feast in available in our Classic, Heart & Healthy (diabetic friendly) and Gluten Free options, just like they standard weekly menu, and includes detailed recipes, a shopping list, and cooking timelines for a holiday table that’s stress-free and sure to please!

As always, you can easily mix-and-match recipes on the shopping list, and prepare just those dishes that fit your own feast!

Christmas Dinner Meal Plan

The Menu:

~ Porcini Prime Rib ~
~ Onion Mushroom Gravy ~
~ Best-Ever Mashed Potatoes ~
~ Onion Mushroom Gravy ~
~ Stephanie’s 60-Second Brussels Sprouts ~
~ Brie en Croute* ~
~ Asparagus & Zucchini Crudite ~
~ Easy Cranberry Pie ~
~ Tom & Jerry Cocktail ~

*Replaced on our gluten-free menu with Christmas Panettone Bread

How do I get the Christmas Feast Meal Plan?

Chef Perry's Porcini Prime RibIf you’re already a SimplySmartDinnerPlans subscriber, you don’t have to do anything! Starting today, the Christmas Meal Plans will be available for download on the Members Only page of the website, just like the standard weekly plans. You can download one, or all, of them, any time. The Members Only Page monthly password is listed in each Friday’s newsletter.

If you’re not a subscriber yet, well…sign up here! After all, membership is free…what have you got to lose?

We’ll send seven amazing dinner recipes and a shopping list to your inbox each week. Remember, when you sign up for SimplySmartDinnerPlans, you not only save time, save money, and eat healthier, you helping us teach nutrition, shopping, and hands-on cooking classes to at-risk teens!

From all of us at SimplySmartDinnerPlans, we wish you and your family a joyous (and delicious) Christmas, and an amazing new year!

-Chefs Perry, Terry, & Chris