MY KITCHEN Outreach Van


Thank you all so much! Here’s the new outreach van, suited up and ready to play!

We’re going to leave this account open, as we still need to get new tires, ongoing maintenance, and a few odds and ends. If anyone feels like contributing, well…we’ll put it to good use!

1924363_980453261989507_1223448435796426515_nEach one of you have made a HUGE influence in the lives of countless children who will learn new skills, self sufficiency, and gain important self-worth though the MY KITCHEN Program!

Also, a massive, never-ending THANK YOU to Bob Lees at The Sign Shack llc in Hillsboro, Oregon for the FANTASTIC job he did on the outreach van (at cost!!!)

If you need signage of any kind, please give Bob a call!

Thank you Bob, so much, for helping us help kids!

– Chef Perry

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How MY KITCHEN Outreach Works (the Reader’s Digest version…)


Want to help us, help kids?

Our MY KITCHEN Outreach has three main goals:

1. Provide meals for children and families in need.

2. Teach basic nutrition, shopping, and hands-on cooking classes for at-risk kids.

3. Support other like-minded ministries and programs by providing the above services to their clients.

You can support and help grow the MY KITCHEN Outreach, and receive delicious, healthy recipes, cooking tips, and our free weekly meal plans…and it won’t cost you a penny!

Here’s the “Reader’s Digest Version” of how it works:

By signing up for our free weekly newsletter and meal plans, and visiting our website to view new recipes, articles, and to download your new plans, you’ll have the opportunity to see relevant ads from food, lifestyle, business, and outreach related companies on our pages. Like this one:

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  • If you click* on an ad…we get paid for the referral. You don’t even have to buy anything if you don’t want to!
  • If you NEVER click on an ad…your visit to our website still increases our daily traffic, which increases our rating with Google, and brings us higher paying ads, and more exposure.

Either way, you help us increase our funding and ability to feed the hungry, and teach cooking classes for at-risk kids, without taking away from the other important charities and programs you currently help fund!

How’s that for a win-win? You can sign up right here!


THANK YOU for helping us make a difference in a child’s life!

MY KITCHEN ClassChefs Perry, Terry, and Chris
MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

PS – If you’re already a subscriber (and thank you!) the most important that you can do to support this outreach is to share this information with family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else you know!

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