Spatchcocked Turkeys

The Perfect 90 Minute Roast Turkey

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Now, I know what you’re thinking… “but…but…what about the stuffing? Where do I put my stuffing?”

do you really think I’d forsake the stuffing? wink emoticon Rack goes in the roasting pan, hot stuffing goes on the rack, surround stuffing with a long, folded strip of foil, place turkey on top.

When the turkey is done, move it to another pan to rest, crank up the broiler, and pop the pan with the stuffing back in (remove foil), and roast until browned and crispy to your liking.

Note: Do NOT add ANY salt to your stuffing! A brined turkey produces a lot of VERY salty drippings, which are going to flavor a spatchcocked bird way more that a whole one, as ALL of the meat is crying on the stuffing, not just the breasts, which typically produce the least broth.

Oh, and I always use unseasoned bread crumbs, and typically make my own. It’s easy!

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Chef Perry

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