It’s the end of the world…may I see the dessert menu, please?

Given the current hubbub about the world coming to a screaming halt tomorrow (which I don’t believe…unless it happens, in which case I friggin’ told you so) I thought it would be appropriate to discuss what final feast ya’all would want to sit down to if you knew there wasn’t going to be breakfast service.

I mean, c’mon…do you really want to head into eternity knowing the last thing you had was a salad? Not me!

Here’s what some of the world famous foodies, past and present, ordered or have requested at their last meal:

Julia Child
Although the French gourmand’s favorite comfort food was red meat and gin, she was documented in her biography saying her ideal last meal would include:
-Caviar with Russian vodka and oysters with Pouilly-Fuisse wine.
-Foie gras
-Pan-roasted duck, with onions and chanterelle mushrooms
-Pommes Anna (thinly-sliced potatoes baked in butter) and fresh asparagus
-French bread with Roquefort and Brie, with a Grands-Echezeauxs Burgundy
-Walnut cake; ripe pears and green tea; and crème brulee

Anthony Bourdain
No reservations, Bourdain’s last meal would be roast bone marrow with parsley and caper salad, with a few toasted slices of baguette and some good sea salt

Mario Batali
Eight to ten courses of seafood, pasta, and vegetables feast, beginning with marinated anchovies, to a Neapolitan version of a grilled cheese sandwich, on down the line to end with icy Limoncello, would be this chef’s choice.

Here’s mine:

We’d start with a half-dozen extra small fresh oyster shooters, with my wasabi cocktail sauce, followed by my wife’s tomato basil soup.

Entrees…no question… would be Chef Chris’s grilled tri-tip, served with my garlic mashed potatoes, and Chef Terry’s crusty baguette.

Next course would be series of tapas plates including hautemealz.com member Di Anderson’s green chili chicken enchiladas, a good sopresseta salumi with goat cheese, and slow roasted pork cheek with chicharrones.

Guinness to drink, of course, and a bowl of spumoni ice cream for dessert.

What would YOUR last meal be?

– Chef Perry


End of the World Mayan Hot Chocolate

So…it all ends tomorrow at midnight, huh?

I’m not sure I believe the hype, but I’m taking a 48 hour vacation from my diet. You know…just in case.

In honor of the ominous predictions of their big stone calendars, I’m offering up another little something those wacky Mayans left behind for us, one of my all time favorite hot beverages…Mayan Hot Chocolate.

Love this stuff…

Mayan Hot Chocolate
4 cups whole milk
1 cup grated semi-sweet chocolate
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
3 whole cloves, crushed
1 teaspoon cayenne chili powder
1 cinnamon stick, quartered
2 teaspoons vanilla

Heat the milk, stirring, in a double boiler until just steaming, stir in the brown sugar, nutmeg, cloves, cayenne.

Once those have incorporated, slowly stir in the grated chocolate, a tbsp. or so at a time, stirring until completely melted. Add the vanilla and cinnamon.

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Allow to steam, just below a simmer, stirring often for 10-15 minutes.

Carefully strain into cups, through a fine sieve to remove the cloves and cinnamon pieces. Now this next step is optional, but I think it really improves the drink (and it’s a nod to the original bitter, frothy brew that the Mayans drank, before those friendly Europeans showed up and added sugar.) If you have an immersion blender, give the whole mix a quick whip to make it lighter and frothier.

(Frothier…is that a word? Whatever, correct me on Saturday morning.)

If you like a bit more kick, sprinkle the top with a dash more cinnamon and cayenne powder.

Grab a plate of sugar cookies, find a comfy chair, and sit back and enjoy the apocalypse in style!

Oh, and if you’d rather face the end of the world a bit more, shall we say…mellow? The addition of a healthy snort of tequila, added just before serving, would not be completely out of theme.


-Chef Perry