Beef prices dropping

Beef prices coming down!

Perfect Valentine steaks on a charcoal chimney

Where’s the beef? On dining tables across America, according to Bloomberg. Americans are on track to eat more red meat this year than in the previous 12 months for the first time since 2006, with the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimating people will consume 54.3 pounds of beef in 2016.

A combination of cheaper beef prices and a larger inventory of cattle across the country fueled a push towards increased beef consumption, with the USDA noting current cattle counts at a five-year high. With beef at a lower price point, some restaurants have added new deals to promote beef-based menu items. (Read the rest of this article on Eater…)

And it’s not just Eater sayin’ so, many of the top bloggers are a-buzz with glorious return of the beef!

According to Time.com, wholesale prices for beef have already fallen 23% from an all-time high in May and analysts believe that by the time the weather warms up the effects of the obese cows stuffing their faces with corn will trickle down to consumers, who can expect cheaper beef prices.

So where’s the beef? Right now it’s in a feed lot sucking mind-bending quantities of carbs down its gullet, our Jabba the Hutt of American agriculture, growing ever more corpulent all to become gloriously affordable burger patties for your Fourth of July grilling party.

In celebration of this auspicious event, here are three of our favorite cow-centric dishes for your dining pleasure…

Braciole (Italian steak roll) with Caprese Salad

Braciole Italian beef roll recipe Ninja Cooker

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Perfect Valentine steaks on a charcoal chimney