Frugal Foodie Video Tip: Be your own butcher

Buy whole chickens, or bone-in breasts, and cut them yourself instead of using chicken breasts. Yes, pre-cut chicken breasts are handy and easy to use but, as we all know, they’re are also a LOT more expensive.

When I find whole chickens on sale, or at a good price, I buy several and go home and have a butcher party!

Legs, thighs, and wings get bagged together; breasts get deboned (leave the skin on, if freezing, to help protect the meat, you can toss it after you thaw the breasts for cooking) and bagged, and, lastly, the backs, necks, and scraps get bagged and frozen to make my own broth later. – If you have the time, make your broth now, let it cool, and freeze in dedicated ice-cube trays for easy use in future recipes.

Butchering a chicken, and deboneing chicken breasts are a lot more intimidating than they are actually difficult to do.

Here are two great video clips that will walk you through the process for each!

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