Sweet Cranberry Brie Puff Pastries

Cranberry Brie Puff Pastry Recipe

This is one of those “happy accident” dishes. I’d intended to make my traditional baked brie, which is wrapped in puff pastry sheets before baking, then slices and eaten with crackers.

When I got to that step in the recipe, I discovered that I had grabbed “Puff Pastry Shells” by mistake.

Opening the box, I found a half dozen little frozen “discs”  of dough, instead of the sheets I was expected.

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I thought, “What the heck…”

(Okay, more precisely I ranted and raved for a couple of minutes, cooled down a little, and then thought, “What the heck…”)

Now, as is often the case, what turned out was much better than I expected, and I’m glad I grabbed the wrong box. This is how I’ll be making this recipe from now on!

Sweet Brie Puff Pastries

1 (7 to 8-inch) wheel brie cheese
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1/4 cup brown sugar
3 Tbs yellow mustard
6 puff pastry shells (1 box) baked.

Bake pastry shells according to box instructions.

Blend mustard and brown sugar into a thick paste.

Using a warmed sharp knife, or unflavored dental floss, cut the wheel of brie in half horizontally and separate the top half of the wheel from the bottom half.

Set each half “skin” down in a buttered baking dish. Spread each half with sugar/mustard paste. Sprinkle with cranberries and walnuts

Cover dish with foil and add to oven for the last 10 minutes of cooking time.

Remove the pastry “lids” and spoon in the softened brie mixture until full, replace lid.

Allow to cool slightly, and serve.


-Chef Perry