Don’t let the ground turkey fool you!

Do you know the difference between Ground Turkey and Ground Turkey Breast?

If you do, you’re lucky, ’cause the stores sure don’t make it easy!

Packaging looks identical…

Cooking with ground turkey Cooking with ground turkey 4

Pricing is identical…

Cooking with ground turkey

What’s the difference? Well…how about fat and calories?

Ground Turkey Breast…

Cooking with ground turkey

Ground Turkey…

Cooking with ground turkey

SO…the difference between these seemingly identical products…

120 Calories per serving VS. 230 Calories
1.5 grams of Fat VS. 17 grams
45mg Cholesterol VS. 70 mg

Just for a frame of reference, ground pork has (per serving) 224 Calories, 18 grams of Fat, and 61 mg Cholesterol.

In other words, if you’re buying ground turkey, instead of ground turkey breast, you mind at well be eating ground pork!

So, in short…read those labels!

Chef Perry