Q&A: Dicing tomatoes

TomatoesSimplySmartDinnerPlans subscriber, Judy H., asks – “I’m trying to get away from using canned tomatoes, and use fresh instead. This may be a dumb question, but…what’s the best way to dice tomatoes?”

Judy, while I’m a big believer that there ARE dumb questions (and plenty of them), this is not one of them. :)

Everyone has to start learning their kitchen skills somewhere, so thank you for coming to us!

First of all, kudos on switching from canned to fresh tomatoes! You’re going to get so much more flavor, and a fraction of the sodium, by going fresh. As you’ll see in the video (below), it’s really not that much more work to dice a fresh tomato than it is to open a can, either!

Two quick tips before we get started…a very sharp knife, and a fresh firm tomato makes all the difference in ease of cutting. Once a tomato begins to over-ripen, the skins get tougher, and the insides get soft, making it much more difficult to cut, even with a properly sharp knife.

Here’s the video…please feel free to post any questions you have, below!

-Chef Perry


Q & A: The Healthy Foodie

Angel asks:

Q: Regarding dieting, healthy eating, and shopping…I’m curious if you find special challenges on this endeavor since your a chef or if your knowledge of food helps.

I’m not a chef, but I do love food and my knowledge of nutrition has been very slowly expanding since I had my son. I find myself often wishing I knew more about the taste dynamic of different herbs, spices and foods that would help me to come up with more tasty versions of healthy dishes. Any tips?

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