The Chili-Cheese Torpedo

IMG_3931Let me preface this by saying…this ain’t something you want to eat often, or a lot of.

This is a fatty. greasy, salty, high-calorie gut bomb comfort food, that needs to be shared between a lot of people…but if you can’t accept how that is a beautiful, joie de vivre experience that everyone should succumb to, in moderation of course, every once in a while…

Well…we probably can’t be friends.

Take a loaf of crusty French bread and cut out a large space from the center.


Cut 1/2 inch thick slices out of the Velveeta, and create a “wall” around the edges of the bread, as a reservoir for the chili.

Chili Cheese in baked loaf

Pour in 2-3 cups of your favorite homemade chili (I suppose you could use canned chili as well, just don’t admit it publicly.) I use our “Real Deal Chili“, our Brisket Chili, or our Ground Turkey Masa Chili (pictured)…all three are awesome.

IMG_3921 (800x600)

Wrap the whole loaf with aluminum foil and bake in a 450 degree F oven for 20-30 minutes.

IMG_3929Allow the torpedo to rest for a few minutes. Meanwhile, pop the french-bread piece that you cut from the loaf at the start, into a 400F oven until toasty and golden.

Slice into chunks and serve.

Top with diced onions, and chopped cilantro.


(…and then go do some sit-ups)




-Chef Perry

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