Next Level Grilled Cheese Tip

Perfect Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese and tomato soup…is there anything better on a rainy Autumn afternoon? I think not!

Here’s a quick tip to bring your good old-fashioned grilled cheese up a notch, by adding another level of cheesy goodness and texture…

Step One: Make your grilled cheese the old fashioned way (white or whole wheat bread, melted butter in a medium-hot pan NOT on the bread, extra sharp cheddar cheese). I threw in a couple of slices of deli ham, but that’s optional.

Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Step Two: Once you get the first side a perfect golden-brown, flip, and quickly sprinkle a little freshly grated cheddar, Asiago, or Romano cheese over the still-hot surface, and cover.


Step Three: Uncover when the bottom side is done and the grated cheese on top has softened or melted.

Step Four: Flip again and let grill until the grated cheese has cooked to a golden, crunchy perfection.

Cut and serve immediately, preferably with a hot bowl of tomato-basil soup!

Next Level Grilled Cheese

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