Super easy baked bacon

I’ll tell you what, I love my bacon…and this not only tasted awesome, with the meat cooked very evenly (from the above and below), and a lot more of the grease rendered out…but no stove-top splatters to wipe up, and super easy to toss the foil and clean the pan…this is how I cook bacon from now on!

One pound of bacon, on a flat foil-lined roasting rack, cook 25 minutes in a pre-heated 350F oven.

Lovely stuff!

Oh, and fyi…because I do it all for YOU…I also cooked a pound of breakfast pork-sausage links with this method. Exact same instructions.

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-Chef Perry

PS – If you’re lookin’ for dessert…before baking, brush each strip generously with pure maple syrup, and sprinkle on some crushed toffee bits (I get mine from a Pampered Chef friend of mine)…crazy good!