Au Gratin Breakfast Haystacks

Au Gratin Haystacks

Next time you make scalloped potatoes, or potatoes au gratin, and have leftovers (I know, that doesn’t happen often at my house either, so I make a bigger batch on purpose)…save the extra for my Au Gratin Haystacks the next morning.

Super easy to make, just heat equal parts butter and oil (about 1 tbsp. each) – I like grapeseed oil – in a non-stick skillet over medium heat and add a heaping serving spoon of room temp leftover potatoes au gratin to the hot oil.

I’ll usually zap them for a quick minute first to get the chill from the fridge off of them.

Let the potatoes fry for a few seconds, then press down gently with a spatula until flattened a bit. The crisper you want it, the flatter it needs to be.

Personally, I still like some soft potatoes in the middle.

Fry until golden brown and crisp, then flip and fry the second side. Serve with a sunny-side up, or over-easy egg on top, along with your pig-parts of choice.

Lovely stuff!

-Chef Perry

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